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Middleton Spectral Vision is an innovative company specializing in hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy. We are the US distributor of SPECIM Ltd hyperspectral imaging cameras, spectrographs, and systems. We have a dedicated design team that can help customers develop hyperspectral-based solutions to solve complex problems for research or industry. We serve a variety of markets including Aerospace, Plant Science, Pharmaceutical and Mining.

Company Overview

Founded in 2008, Middleton Spectral Vision is an established supplier of high performance hyperspectral imaging systems. We have a talented engineering team with strong capabilities. We have experience in applying hyperspectral imaging solutions in industrial and research applications. Middleton Spectral Vision offers customers a variety of services and solutions. These include turnkey hyperspectral systems, hyperspectral cameras and spectrographs, sample feasibility analysis studies and custom hyperspectral imaging solutions. Our hyperspectral solutions are built around SPECIM Ltd products of Finland. SPECIM is a worldwide market leader in spectral cameras, spectrographs and other hyperspectral imaging technologies.

We are located in Middleton, WI and share a border with Madison, WI, the home of the University of Wisconsin. The Madison area is a well-known technology hub which includes a number of scientific instrument manufacturers.

Please visit our partner company, Middleton Biodiagnostics, for a wide array of biodiagnostics laboratory services. 


A Few Selected Customers/Partners

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Intellicentic Platform

Middleton Spectral Vision announces its collaboration led by Pfizer, Inc and with the participation of other equipment manufacturers, coordinated by the Federal Equipment Company of Ohio. The new venture under the Intellicentic™ umbrella will provide platform technologies for advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, and will include Middleton Spectral Vision hyperspectral solutions. For more details please see the press release or contact Middleton Middleton Spectral Vision.

Intelligence-based Manufacturing (IbM)

IbM is a strategic partnership with Pfizer’s leadership. The basic premise is that in order to improve pharmaceutical and other manufacturing processes, the supply chain management, plant control software has to work in concert with the data provided by the different process analytical instrumentation working in concert with chemometric software and other components. The strategic partnership includes the software and hardware companies to monitor and optimize the manufacturing processes using data sources, such as near-infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. For the different tasks, the appropriate group of companies will be providing the technologies aided by Pfizer’s manufacturing, PAT and systems integration expertise.

For more information please connect either of the companies of the strategic partnership or Pfizer. Key contacts are listed below:

Pfizer PAT, System integration
FOSS Near-Infrared
Kaiser Optical Systems Raman
Middleton Spectral Vision Hyperspectral imaging
Perceptive Engineering Chemometrics
Stottler Henke Enterprise Software

IbM IFPAC 2013 Presentations

  • Advanced Process Control of Crystallization via Supersaturation Control - David Jones
  • Single Probe Multi-purpose In-situ Monitoring and Control of Mammalian Cell Culture - Tara Cocchiarella
  • MVA as a Diagnostic Tool for Complex Troubleshooting of Pharmaceutical Processes - Saly Romero-Torres
  • Real-time NIR Chemical Imaging - Theory and Applications - Jun Huang
  • Use of Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor Fermentation & Key Constituents in Small & Large Molecule Fermentations - Saly Romer-Torres
  • Intelligence Based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing-Vision & Objective - Mojgan Moshgbar
  • Intelligent Platform Technologies for Real Time Monitoring, Control and RtRt of Solid Dosage Formulations - Ke Hong
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Advanced Control of Complex Coating Processes - Jun Huang
  • Intelligent PAT-based Control and Optimization System for Nutrition Manufacturing - Jun Huang
  • The use of PAT and MVA Models for Troubleshooting Product Transfers - Mojgan Moshgbar
  • Intelligence Based Manufacturing Strategy and Business Case in Pfizer - Kevin Nepveux
  • Advanced Measurement Technologies for Modern Manufacturing - Steve Hammond
  • In-line Feed Frame Monitoring of Granules During Tablet Compression - Angela Yang Liu
  • In-line Monitoring and Control Systems Designed to Ensure the On-demand Supply of Pharmaceutical  Tablet Coating Solutions Prepared by an Automated Process Unit - Sophie Belley
  • Intelligent Planning & Scheduling Platform for Lean Manufacturing and Optimization of Changeovers - Robert Richards

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