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AisaFENIX VNIR + SWIR Extended Range Camera

AisaFENIX_front_full.jpgFor applications demanding more than just SWIR and VNIR by themselves, Specim has combined both ranges into the AisaFENIX. It delivers unprecedented performance covering 400-2500nm. The FENIX camera represents a breakthrough in hyperspectral remote sensing.

Combined Optical Path

The AisaFENIX solves the problem of co-registering VNIR and SWIR data from two separate cameras by combining them into an instrument with a single fore optics. This means one measurement produces a continuous spectrum from 400-2500nm for optimal spatial and spectral performance.




Optical Characteristics
Spectrograph High efficiency transmissive imaging spectrograph. Throughput practically independent of polarization.
Smile and keystone < 0.2 pixels.
Numerical aperture F/2.4
Spectral range 380-970nm 970-2500nm
Spectral resolution 3.5nm 10nm
Calibration Sensor provided with wavelength and radiometric calibration file
Fore Optics
FOV 32.3 degrees
IFOX 0.084 degrees
Swath width 0.58 x altitude
Altitude for 1 m pixel size 660 m
Electrical characteristics
Detector CMOS Stirling cooled MCT
Spectral binning options 2x / 4x / 8x -
Number of spectral bands 344 / 172 / 86 275
Spectral sampling/band 1.75nm / 3.5nm / 7nm 6nm
Frame rate, up to (frames / s) 130
Spatial pixels 384
Output 12 bits CL 16 bits CL
SNR 500 - 1000:1 (peak)* 900:1 (peak)*
Integration time Adjustable, within frame time
Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background registration,user-controllable by software.
Operating modes Hyperspectral and multispectralThe operator can create application specific band configurations, andquickly change from one mode or configuration to others in flight operation.
Typical power consumption ** 150 W
Maximum power consumption ** 500W
Environmental Characteristics
Storage -20 ... +50 deg C
Operating +5 ... +40 deg C
* ) depends on spectral binning
** ) Complete system with rack PC

*More detailed SNR data in various conditions available from Specim

AisaFENIX Ordering Information
Part numberDescription
MRC-314-010-001 AisaFENIX Standard Delivery

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