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The NIR hyperspectral cameras provide high spatial resolution (320 or 640 pixels) and high-speed frame rate of 100-400 Hz, suitable for various on-line chemical imaging applications. Each camera is an integration of an imaging spectrograph (ImSpector N17E) and a monochrome area camera (temperature-stabilized InGaAs sensor) and includes either USB or CameraLink interface. The spectrographs are designed for high light throughput and a distortion-free image on the detector.


Optical Characteristics
Range (nm) 900-1700
Resolution (spatial x spectral) 320 x 256 (240 active)
Spectrograph ImSpector N17E
Spectral Resolution 5 nm (30 µm slit)
Spectral Sampling 4 nm/pixel
Spatial Resolution RMS spot diameter < 30 µm
Aberrations Insignificant astigmatism, smile or keystone
Numerical Aperture F/2.0
Slit Width, default 30 µm (18, 50, 80 µm)
Effective Slit Length 9.6 mm
Total Efficiency (typical) > 50%, independent of polarization
Stray Light < 0.5 % (halogen lamp, 1400 nm notch filter)
Electrical Characteristics
Sensor TE-cooled InGaAs photodiode array
Interface Base CameraLink
Camera Output 12-bit, CameraLink
Frame rate (full) 100 Hz
Cooling Forced convection cooling
Frame Grabber NI-PCI 1427
Pixel Size 30 x 30 µm
Camera Control CameraLink
Exposure Time Range 1 µs - 500 ms
Power Consumption < 30 W
Input Voltage 12 V
Environmental Characteristics
Storage -20 to 85 C
Operating 5 to 40 C, non-condensing
Mechanical Characteristics
Size (LxWxH) 385 x 120 x 135 mm
Weight 5.28kg
Body Anodized Al w/ mounting screw holes
Lens Mount Standard C-mount
User Adjustments None
Shutter Uncased: Optional Cased: Yes, w/USB control
NIR Cameras Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-303-003-03 NIR Spectral Camera with Enhanced Spectrograph; 100Hz, 320x256 InGaAs,  Cameralink frame grabber + cable VLNIR-CL-100-N17E

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