macroPhor™ Fluorescence Imaging Scanner



 Technical Note - Temporal Hyperspectral Imaging of Corn Seeds During the Germination Process

System overview:                       

The macroPhor™ Fluorescence Imaging system is a unique laboratory instrument optimized for samples that are too large for standard microscope analysis. The macroPhor™ uses hyperspectral imaging technology to deliver stunning fluorescence images that contain spectral information at each pixel. Users can probe the image for different spectral features or use one of three chemometric methods to extract pure components.                                                            

The macroPhor™ uses a high sensitivity sCMOS VNIR spectral camera for image capture. The low noise floor from the sCMOS sensor allows macroPhor™ to detect weak fluorescent signals. Using the push-broom hyperspectral acquisition technique allows the camera to acquire spectral information for the complete wavelength range for each pixel. The user can point and click each pixel in software to see the spectrum for each point.

The system uses laser excitation to illuminate the sample. Multiple wavelength options are available. The lasers can be interchanged by the user with minimal realignment. Wavelength options include 405,488, 540 and 640nm. A bank of LEDs is standard with the instrument for sample observation with the webcam. An optional halogen light source can also be ordered with the system for VNIR measurements.

 The macroPhor™ is optimized for macro samples such as plants, minerals, bacteria colonies or any other sample that contain multiple fluorescent components. A scanning stage with X and Y movement gives software control for sample positioning and image scanning. The stage has templates for petri dishes, 96 well plates or agar plates.

The laboratory scanner is completely enclosed to block out all external light during light-sensitive fluorescence measurements. The vertical Z-axis is also motorized for focus adjustment of the camera. A webcam inside the instrument allows for sample viewing while the interlocked doors are closed. 

Unlike current filter based multi spectral systems that only capture targeted areas of the spectrum, the macroPhor™ captures all spectra. This is useful for identifying multiple fluorophores or small spectral shifts that otherwise would not be seen with a filter based system.




Key Features

  • A high performance sCMOS spectral camera – ability to detect weak fluorescence signals
  • Multiple laser excitation options ( 405,488,540,640) – acquire spectra from 500-800nm. Each spatial pixel of the image contains a full spectrum (400-1000 nm depending on excitation chosen)
  • Motorized macro sample stage -Y-axis for sample alignment and the X-axis for sample scanning,
  • Motorized Z-axis for focus adjustment of the camera
  • Powerful analysis software for pure component interrogation



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