Via-Spec™ Hyperspectral Imaging System


Via-Spec SWIR.JPGThe Via-Spec™ is a family of a new hyperspectral imaging systems offered by Middleton Spectral Vision providing flexible magnification and illumination options.  The Via-Spec allows for transmission hyperspectral measurements with optional reflectance configurations. There are many samples for which a transmission configuration works better for optical analysis than reflectance. Some of these examples may include strips or patches used as pharmaceutical formulations, tissue slices, and artificial tissue samples (treated and untreated) used in biomedical studies. In addition, any thin material which is at least semi-transparent in the near-infrared wavelength range can be sampled in a transmission configuration.


  • Unique transmission and reflectance configurations
  • Encoder-synched stage for repeatable measurements
  • Multi-lamp quartz halogen modules for wide wavelength range
  • LED based or quartz halogen dual fiber line-lights
  • Versatile
  • Customizable




Shown here is an example of a thin strip with medicine applied to a dissolvable transparent strip meant to be applied to the tongue. Several strips were overlapped to show the difference in the amount of light making its way through the samples in the transmission configuration. Medicinal strips such as these could be measured during production to check for uniformity and component concentration.


Many different types of tissues can be examined. The samples below were human cartilage tissue. Thin samples of treated and untreated tissues were measured in transmission in the 1000-2500 nm wavelength range. The hypercube was evaluated using Evince™ hyperspectral image analysis software and clear differences were found between the samples.

Stage and Frame Specifications


The Via-Spec frame has a glass stage for use in transmission. As an alternative to the glass stage, we offer a flat reflectance stage (shown here) that the customer (or Middleton Spectral Vision, by request) can modify for different sizes and shapes of samples, such as seeds, tablets, etc. Different cameras and spectrographs can be mounted to the Via-Spec using available adapter plates.  Custom adapter plates can also be designed to accommodate the mounting of other cameras.


  • Sample tray length: 13.5 in
  • Maximum travel distance: 12 in
  • Transmission width: 6 in
  • Camera height adjustability: 8 in
  • Overall dimensions 32 in (H) x 20 in (W) x 23 in (D)
  • Weight 60 pounds

Illumination Options

Halogen illumination comes standard on all Via-Spec systems for transmission.  Optionally, the halogen light source could be switched out for a fiber optic line light (external light source required).  In addition to the standard offering of a transmission light source, the Via-Spec is equipped to mount two reflectance illumination sources to allow for reflectance hyperspectral measurements as well.  This option can be specified at the time of order, or added to the system at a later date.  Two types of reflectance illumination are available.


Halogen Source

The halogen line light source, with direct illumination, covers the wavelength range 400-2500 nm. It contains four 20-W bulbs for reflectance measurements, the same configuration as used in the transmission light source.  There are two sources mounted on a common positioning arm for uniform dual-sided sample illumination.



Fiber Optic Source

The glass fiber optic line light, offered in single or dual configuration, covers the wavelength range 400-1700 nm (without the lens). For a higher level, more focused light, a transparent plastic cylindrical lens is available. The lens will limit the wavelength range to 400-1000 nm. The single and dual line lights are 6 inches long and can be mounted in one or both of the reflectance illumination positions (interchangeable with the halogen lights).

Both illumination options for reflectance have vertical height adjustments and angular adjustments to adjust the uniformity of the illumination for different samples.

Control and Data Collection Software

Breeze Home Screen.jpgThe Via-Spec system has a dedicated software utility allowing the user to control the stage, to define the travel limits, display the camera data and save the spectral hypercube in ENVI compatible format. The scanner provides an encoder sync signal to be used for more repeatable measurements.

Alternatively, UmBio’s Breeze software is also available for data acquisition and analysis with the Via-Spec system. Breeze operates in conjunction with Evince™ hyperspectral image analysis software (required for Breeze), but Evince™ Image is also available independently for use with data analysis.

Optionally, Middleton Spectral Vision also offers a Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software.

Ordering Information

The Via-Spec can be ordered as a complete system (including a specified camera and lens) or made to order via modular components. Middleton Spectral Vision will work with you to customize the system for your needs. The basic Via-Spec Stage and Frame (MRC-920-044) includes:

  • Via-Spec II hyperspectral transmission stage and frame with halogen transmission light source
  • Computerized glass transmission sample stage which sends a synchronizing signal to the camera
  • Adjustable focus grid and white reference (used for reflectance configuration)
  • One adapter plate to mount the camera or spectrograph specified at time of order

Note:  Applicable control and data acquisition software needs to be specified and ordered separately (camera-specific).

Optional Add-ons

  • Software
    • Via-Spec II Control and Data Acquisition Software (camera-specific)
    • Evince/Breeze - Imaging Software
  • Reflectance Illumination
    • Halogen Reflectance Illumination Kit
      • Halogen Fiber Optic Source
      • LED Fiber Optic Source6" Dual Fiber Optic Light Line (and choice of source)
  • Reflectance Stage Insert
    • Custom sample stages available by request (contact Middleton Spectral Vision)
  • Additional and/or custom mounting adaptors for other cameras or spectrographs

Complete Systems

  • VNIR Via-Spec System (MRC-920-043) includes
    • Entire Via-Spec Stage and Frame with transmission
    • Reflectance Illumination (choose one of the following options)
      • Halogen Reflectance Illumination Kit
      • 6" Dual Fiber Optic Light Lines w/ Halogen source
    • Standard Reflectance Stage Insert
    • CCD-based VNIR camera (MRC-303-002-02) with built-in spectrograph for the 400-1000 nm range
    • One enhanced foreoptics lens (to be specified at time of order based on application requirements)*
  • SWIR Via-Spec System (MRC-920-042) includes
    • Entire Via-Spec Stage and Frame with transmission
    • Halogen Reflectance Illumination Kit
    • Standard Reflectance Stage Insert
    • MCT-based SWIR camera (MRC-303-005-02) covers the 1000-2500 nm range
    • One enhanced foreoptics lens (to be specified at time of order based on application requirements)*

*Camera lens options are available for both micro and macro applications.

Via-Spec II Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-920-042 Via-Spec™ II Hyperspectral Transmission System with SWIR Camera VIA-SPEC/SWIR
MRC-920-043 Via-Spec™ II Hyperspectral Transmission System with VNIR Camera VIA-SPEC/VNIR
MRC-920-044 Via-Spec™ II Hyperspectral Transmission Stage and Frame  (Includes halogen transmission lightsource) VIA-SPEC


Via-Spec II - Optional Add-Ons Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-020-106 Via-Spec™ II Reflectance Tray Insert RFL/TRAY
MRC-920-045 Via-Spec™ II Halogen Reflectance Illumination Kit RFL/HAL
MRC-207-003-04 Dual 6" Fiber Optic Lightline LDLL/6
MRC-207-002-02 LED Fiber Optic Light Source FOLS/LED
MRC-207-002-03 DCR III Fiber Optic Light Source, EKE Halogen FOLS/HAL
MRC-207-003-05 6" Cylindrical Ligh Lline Lens CL/6
MRC-920-049 Via-Spec™ II Fiber Optic Transmission Mounting Kit FO/TransKit
MRC-930-003 Via-Spec II Control and Data Acquisition Software for SWIR Spectral Camera Via-SpecDAQ/SWIR
MRC-930-004 Via-Spec II Control and Data Acquisition Software for VNIR Spectral Camera Via-SpecDAQ/VNIR
MRC-930-001 Evince Imaging Software Evince
MRC-930-009 Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software HCAS

Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software

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