Professional grade wavelength standards and recertification services

Near-Infrared and Infrared Certification Standards

Near-infrared and infrared certification standards and other optical standards are used to  validate infrared spectroscopy instruments. Middleton Spectral Vision offers several certified optical  standards and performs recertifications.

MRC-910-1920x Extended Range Near-Infrared Wavelength Standard

Near-Infrared Wavelength Standard.jpgExtended range near-infrared wavelength standards are used to validate the wavelength scale of near-infrared instruments. The standards are made with four components, three rare earth oxides and talc, to cover the whole region from 1000 nm to 2500 nm. The standards are sealed and traceable to NIST SRM 1920a standards. Different sizes allow use with numerous spectroscopic instruments.

MRC-910-1920x Product Sheet

Near-Infrared and UV-Visible Diffuse Reflectance Standards

In order to measure reflectance with a UV-Visible or a Near-Infrared instrument, or hyperspectral camera, the instruments need to be calibrated with materials that have the highest possible reflectance. Diffuse gold in 1 inch and 1.75 inch diameters could be used in conjunction with the same size Middleton Spectral Vision wavelength standards.

High reflectivity PTFE is an industry standard. Middleton Spectral Vision produces PTFE reflective materials that are fully comparable with the best available reflectance standards in both the near-infrared and ultraviolet-visible regions, and they can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

NIR and UV-Vis Diffuse Reflectance Standards Product Sheet

MRC-910-3200 Absolute Specular Reflectance Standards

Infrared specular reflectance measurements are related to highly reflective reference materials, such as evaporated gold. Thin gold coatings, however, may change with use over time, and furthermore, the reflectance cannot be assumed to be close to the ideal 100 percent, even when the gold surface is freshly created. The Middleton Spectral Vision MRC-910-3200 Specular Reflectance Standard has known and tabulated reflectance values, and thus can be used to normalize the reflectance measurements of unknown surfaces. The Infrared Specular Reflectance Standard is stable over time, thus it can assure the long-term stability and comparability of such measurements.

MRC-910-3200 Product Sheet

MRC-910-ATR Validation Standards

For measurements in regulated industries, Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) accessories need to be validated periodically. The Middleton Spectral Vision MRC-910-ATR Validation Standards serve to test the functioning and reproducibility of ATR accessories and systems, without contaminating the ATR crystal surface.

MRC-910-ATR Product Sheet

MRC-910-1921GW LWIR Diffuse Reflectance Wavelength Standards

Diffuse reflectance optical arrangement is used often in the mid-infrared wavelength region to measure the reflectance spectra of powders, films and other samples. Middleton Spectral Vision developed a NIST Traceable Diffuse Reflectance Wavelength Standard that has well identified sharp bands throughout the whole mid-infrared region. FTIR accessories, manufactured by FTIR spectrometer or infrared accessory manufacturers can be validated using this traceable standard.

MRC-910-1921GW Product Sheet

MRC-910-LIN Linearity Standard Sets

Traceable linearity standards are used to calibrate spectrophotometers in regulated industries. They can be used to make  corrections to the photometric scale. The set of standards consists of 4, 6, or 8 diffuse reflective disks with reflectance values ranging from approximately 99% to 2% and have  calibrated spectra in the NIR wavelength region. The disks are sealed and contain a blend of polytetrafluoroethylene and charcoal powders. The certification package includes  a table of values, certificate, and spectra. The standards are delivered in a protective wooden case.

MRC-910-LIN Product Sheet

Recertification of Standards

Many standards must  be recertified periodically to comply with regulatory requirements. Recertification is a cost-effective way of extending the life of a standard. Middleton Spectral Vision performs this service expeditiously to minimize your down time. Should you already have a standard from Middleton Spectral Vision or its predecessor company,  Kemeny Associates, please contact us for recertification.

Standards Calibration and Recertification Services

Sampling Devices for Viscous Liquids

Samples such as gels or other substances as viscous as chocolate syrup or ketchup are very difficult to measure with near-infrared equipment. Thin flow-through cells  exhibit resistance to pumping fluids containing high levels of particulate matter. Some liquids may even separate under the pumping conditions.

Middleton Spectral Vision has developed a Transflectance Liquid Cell sampling device for near-infrared analyzers. The cell is easy to open, close, and clean, and it has a calibrated, reproducible 0.3 to 0.5 mm optical pathlength (the physical film thickness is half of the optical path).

For samples of even greater density, the Transflectance Paste Cell will allow the measurement of samples previously thought to be too viscous to measure. Like the liquid cell, the paste cell allows for easy application and cleaning as well as a repeatable pathlength.

For more information, please download the product sheets or contact us.

Product Sheets

Transflectance Liquid Cell Product Sheet

Transflectance Paste Cell Product Sheet

Spectroscopy Accessories Ordering Information
Part numberDescription
MRC-910-1920x 1920x Extended Range Near-Infrared Wavelength Standard, 2" outer diameter, 23mm diameter optical area
MRC-910-1920x-40 1920x Extended Range Near-Infrared Wavelength Standard, 2.25" outer diameter, 42mm diameter optical area
MRC-910-G25 Diffuse Gold Reference, 2" diameter holder without window
MRC-910-GW Diffuse Gold Reference, 2" diameter holder with window
MRC-910-G40 Diffuse Gold Reference 2.25" diameter holder without window
MRC-910-W38 White Reference Standard UV-VIS-NIR, 36mm diameter, 2.25" housing
MRC-910-W25 White Reference Standard UV-VIS-NIR, 23mm diameter, 2" housing
MRC-910-WSQ White Reference Standard UV-VIS-NIR, 2" square housing
MRC-910-WSQ3 White Reference Standard UV-VIS-NIR, 3" square material, no housing, no case
MRC-910-3200 Infrared Specular Reference
MRC-910-ATR+V ATR Validation Standard with Validation Package
MRC-910-ATR ATR Validation Standard
MRC-910-1921GW Mid-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Wavelength Standard
MRC-910-LIN4 Sealed Linearity Standard Set (white, 40%, 10% , dark) - round 38mm clear diameter
MRC-910-LIN6 Sealed Linearity Standard Set (white, 80%, 40%, 20%, 10%, dark)
MRC-910-LIN8 Sealed Linearity Standard Set (white, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10%, 5%, dark) - 42mm diameter optical area
MRC-910-HSI-VAL Near-Infrared Linearity and Wavelength Standard Kit (white, 40%, 10%, dark, 1920x-40)
MRC-912-000 Transflectance Liquid Cell
MRC-912-001 Flowthrough Transflectance Liquid Cell
MRC-912-005 Transflectance Paste Cell

Middleton Spectral Vision also performs recertifications of the optical standards.

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